A Comprehensive Guide to Who is Actively Investing in Nordic Startups (Members Article)

At the beginning of 2014 Fredrik Arnander of Standout Capital wrote an excellent blog post detailing 100 investors (now 120+) who are active in the Nordics.

Ever curious (and critical) I was interested as to who is actually putting their money where their mouth is and who are actually active in The Nordics, with the criteria of having made an investment in 2014.

I have no desire to name and shame those that say they are active but are in fact not, so I will not be making a direct comparison between this post and Fredrik’s, however I felt it useful to compile a comprehensive guide as to who is currently putting money into the region, and what type of deals they are typically involved in.

I have also included Angels, although there are undoubtably a much larger amount active than I have listed here, although getting specifications on the smaller deals is quite tricky, so I have only listed Angels from accessible public deals.

The aim of this guide is to be a resource for those who are seeking investment, investors looking to partner with others, and to provide a general understanding of what the Nordic investment scene looks like.

The guide provides details of 145 organisations and 64 Angels who are actively investing in The Nordics.

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