Which VC firms are funding the largest Series A rounds in the Nordics?

Earlier this week we published our 11 key findings from our analysis on Series A from the last 18 months in the Nordics. We analysed average round size, the length of time between Seed and Series A, and what effect being an experienced founder makes.

But what we didn’t look at was the Investors involved in the rounds.

As you would expect, some VC funds are participating in significantly more Series A than others.

Here are the investors that have participated in three or more Nordic Series A’s since January 1st 2014, followed by their average and median Series A round sizes.

Investors by average Series A

Investors by Series A Median

Interesting to note

  • Northzone and Creandum are the most prolific Series A investors across the Nordics.
  • Northzone participate in the most Series A’s but have the second lowest average round size of VC firms that have done three or more Series A’s in the last 18 months.
  • As we discovered here, the average Series A in the Nordics is $5.65M. Sunstone Capital, Conor Venture Partners and Creandum’s average Series A’s are all higher than the regions average.
  • These same three firms are also the only VC firms that are above the median Series A size in the Nordics ($5M)
  • Dawn Capital are the only VC firm from outside of the Nordics who have participated in three or more Nordic Series A’s in the last 18 months.

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