Announcing the new and improved The Nordic 100 2017 together with Slush, nominations open now!


The Nordic 100 is an annual list recognising the 100 most impactful and influential figures in the Nordic tech scene each year. Individuals at the forefront of shaping and positioning the region as one of the world’s most important innovation hubs. We recognise investors, entrepreneurs and community builders that are playing important roles in the region and are influencing what tomorrow looks like in the Nordics, and indeed the world.

The Nordic 100 2017 is the second edition and we are happy to reveal some changes to this year’s edition to make this even more of an valuable resource to those looking at and working within the Nordic tech scene.

  • Firstly, we are very proud to partner with Slush on this year’s edition, we are now taking this on as a joint initiative and working towards releasing the final 100 at this year’s event through an offline magazine that people can take home and use as a point of reference throughout the year.
  • Secondly, last year we included companies in the list, whereas this year, we will only focus on individuals, this is about honouring the people who have made the biggest contributions in 2017.
  • Thirdly, we will not be using a ranking system this year, instead the final 100 will be presented in alphabetical order and everyone on the list is equally as deserving as each other.


How will it work?

TL;DR: Nominations open today!

You have the chance to nominate the individual(s) that you believe should definitely be included in The Nordic 100 2017. Whether this person is a founder, investor or community builder, let us know why we simply have to consider them for The Nordic 100 this year.

But hurry, nominations close at the end of this week on Friday!

At that point, these nominations will be added to the longer shortlist compiled by us, before our judging panel ultimately decides on the final 100 ahead of revealing this year’s The Nordic 100 at Slush on November 29th at The Nordic Underground Party.


Who is the judging panel?

The judging panel consists of 5 people, who all carry equal weight in the decision making process:

Marianne Vikkula, the CEO of Slush

Neil S W Murray, the founder of The Nordic Web

Natalia Brzezinski, the CEO of Symposium 

Salóme Guðmundsdóttir, the CEO of Icelandic Startups

Robin Wauters, the founder and CEO of


What are you waiting for?

You only have until Friday to nominate, so act now to ensure your voice is heard and let’s make this year’s The Nordic 100 the ultimate resource for honouring those individuals who continue to push the whole ecosystem forward.

#Nordic100 #Slush17

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