Companies originating from the Nordics accounted for 25% of Europe’s 20 largest tech exits in 2014


1. I was involved in writing and producing the report that this post is based on.

2. This post refers to where companies were formed, so King and Just Eat are referred to as Nordic whereas’s report refers to where companies are headquartered, so King and Just Eat are considered to be exits from the United Kingdom in the report itself.

A report detailing the exits from European technology companies in 2014 on sale today from has revealed that companies from the Nordics accounted for 16% of Europe’s exits in 2014.

The information in the report details that of the 358 exits tracked by, 18 came from Denmark, 16 from Finland, 14 from Sweden, 7 from Norway and 1 from Iceland. Denmark (7th), Finland (8th) and Sweden (10th) all featured in the top 10 countries who were home to the companies with the most exits.

Companies originating from the Nordics were also involved in the largest European technology exits of 2014, with King (€7.9B), Nets (€2.8B) Mojang (€2.5B), Just Eat (€1.8B) and Com Hem (€1.25B) all featuring in the top 20 largest transactions of 2014. That’s an incredible 25%.

Graphic taken from's European exit report 2014 Graphic taken from’s European exit report 2014

Three of these exits (King, Just Eat, Com Hem) were all instances of the companies going public, with King’s IPO the largest public offering by a European company in 2014. Zendesk’s IPO (€0.58B) also featured in the top 10 largest IPO’s of 2014.

In addition to some of Europe’s largest public offerings, we also saw the World’s biggest technology companies buy Nordic, as Facebook (Moves, Pryte, 13th Lab), Google (drawElements), Microsoft (Mojang) and Cisco (Assemblage, Tail-f Systems) all looked to the region to acquire companies. As we pointed out in our full analysis of Nordic exits in 2014 , last year was indeed a strong one for the Nordic exit scene.

The full report from providing a comprehensive breakdown and analysis of the wider European technology exit scene can be purchased here

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