Every deal we’ve tracked in 2015 (Members Article)

We’ve courted some controversy in the last week or so with a couple of articles (‘Nordic startups will attract more Venture Capital than London within three years’ and ‘As of today, Nordic startups have raised more venture capital than they did in the whole of 2014‘) attracting a lot of attention due to the numbers that have been involved.

Throw in the fact that today we announced that Nordic startups had raised over $1B+ in a calendar year for the first time (and it’s only June) and the demand for people to see our numbers and the deals we’ve tracked has been higher than ever.

Well, as a way of saying thank you to our paying members, I’ve decided to make them exclusively available to them, and to provide access to ‘Every deal we’ve tracked in 2015 so far’ as this months members article.

If you would like access to all of the deals we’ve tracked in 2015 and to become a member of The Nordic Web, then you can subscribe here.

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