Finland has the Highest Number of Active Investors

Yesterday, we published our March member article A Spreadsheet of Active Investors in Nordic Startups Sortable by Stage, Location and Vertical (Members Article) allowing our members to look at where the active investors (Defined by one minimum investment in 2014) in the Nordics put their money.

One of the most interesting pieces of data to come out of sorting all of the active investors in terms of location, stage and vertical, was actually which Country came out on top in terms of number of different active investors.

Despite receiving only 22.79% of the money that came into the region in 2014, compared to Sweden’s 51.25%, Finland actually saw the highest amount of different active investors.

One of the reasons why there was such a big difference between the two Countries in terms of the amount of money raised in 2014 was that the five biggest rounds in Sweden were considerably bigger than Finland’s.

Even still, with such a big difference in terms of amount raised, I naturally assumed that Sweden would also have more active investors. I know that it is only a difference of one that Finland are leading the way with (60 to 59), but this is an important piece of data, especially as it proves that there is still a very active investment ecosystem in Finland, despite a decline in funding totals in the last year or so. It’s very fair to reason that although the average round size may have seen a slight decline, there’s no doubting that Finland still possesses the investors to back the next startups from one of the World’s most prolific startup producing Countries.

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