Danish Hivebeat gets $125,000 investment from 500 Startups, joins their Mountain View accelerator

Rumours started flying around the Danish startup scene over the weekend that a Danish company had made it into the latest batch of 500 Startups Mountain View accelerator.

We can now reveal that company to be Hivebeat.

Hivebeat is a social events platform for college campuses. enabling students to get an overview of events and organisations and to help them meet people with the same interests.

The two founders will relocate to California for the next 4 months until Demo Day in February with 500 Startups also investing $125,000 into the company.

Hivebeat only launched in August but can boast of 13.000+ users in Denmark and Sweden already. The investment from 500 Startups will be used primarily to launch on new US campuses.

This makes a lot of sense, as the college and campus culture in the US is certainly more prevalent there than in Europe, and when I’d come across Hivebeat in the past, this obstacle was at the forefront of my mind. Fair play to the company though, they’ve turned the barrier into a (big) opportunity, and are now California dreaming… (sorry!)

When the rumours originally surfaced over the weekend, it was speculated that Hivebeat would be the first Danish company to participate in 500 Startups Mountain View accelerator, however I am aware of at least Iconfinder doing so previously so this is not the case.

Even so, 500 Startups Mountain View programme is a prestigious one, and 500 noticing the potential of Danish companies is certainly a positive thing, and is perhaps evidence of their increased Nordic presence already leading to more investments in Nordic companies.

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