“I’m a VC, what Nordic Startups should I be looking at?”

I get asked this question nearly every day, so, tired of writing out the same email each time, I have decided to write this post, where I outline who I think is currently worth looking at for Seed, Series A and Series B.

These recommendations are based on no more than my own opinion and are influenced by my own perception of their growth and understanding of how they are performing. 

Next time I am asked what Nordic Startups are worth looking at/looking to raise money then I will be pointing people to this post, therefore if your startup is looking to raise then drop a link and short description in the comments, as that way we can use this as a resource for VC’s looking to meet interesting startups in the region.

My plan is to publish a new version every three-six months so the information is kept fresh and relevant. 

Each time I will recommend five interesting prospects for Seed, Series A and Series B, ordered by what I consider to be the most time-sensitive.