“I’m a VC, what Nordic Startups should I be looking at?”

I get asked this question nearly every day, so, tired of writing out the same email each time, I have decided to write this post, where I outline who I think is currently worth looking at for Seed, Series A and Series B.

These recommendations are based on no more than my own opinion and are influenced by my own perception of their growth and understanding of how they are performing.

Next time I am asked what Nordic Startups are worth looking at/looking to raise money then I will be pointing people to this post, therefore if your startup is looking to raise then drop a link and short description in the comments, as that way we can use this as a resource for VC’s looking to meet interesting startups in the region.

My plan is to publish a new version every three-six months so the information is kept fresh and relevant.

Each time I will recommend five interesting prospects for Seed, Series A and Series B, ordered by what I consider to be the most time-sensitive.



Linkfire (Denmark)

“Smart Links for Music Marketing”

‘Smart marketing for the music industry. We help create intelligent links that route fans to the music they love, in the apps they love.’

Raised $120K in Q2 2014.

(Disclaimer: I have previously been employed by one of the founders of Linkfire on a separate project)


Sparta (Sweden)

“Welcome to Sales Motivation 2.0”

‘Sparta is a web-based application and software that enables sales directors to run effective sales competitions. It enables its users to builds sales competitions, invite their team, manage them with rankings, statistics, and reports.’

Raised Angel in Q1 2014.


Klevu (Finland)

“The Smartest Search for Online Stores”

‘Klevu is the first self learning and auto boosting search for online stores.’

Raised $350K Q2 2014.


Swipes (Denmark)

“Turn every day into a life accomplishment”

‘Swipes 2.0 is a task management platform that enables entrepreneurs, startups, and individuals to manage their work and perform well.’

No known funding.


Trunkbird (Denmark)

“Peer2Peer Shipping”

‘Trunkbird is a P2P delivery service – a platform allowing you to post transportation tasks and subsequently receive bids from people and companies. Upon reviewing incoming bids, the user can choose the one that suits best, both in terms of price and timing.’

Raised Undisclosed Angel Q1 2014.


Series A

LookBack (Sweden)

“Understand Users”

‘Lookback is creating a suite of beautiful and simple tools for collecting, understanding and sharing user experiences. A great user experience underpins every successful tech business today, but obtaining experiences has always been too complex. Not anymore.’

Raised $2.2M Seed Q1 2014.


Holvi (Finland)

“The future of banking”

‘Holvi is a simple one-stop-shop for small businesses to collect income, manage expense and get an understandable real-time view of their company finances.’

Total funding: $2.7M Last funding: $1.2M Q2 2014


Fitbay (Denmark)

“Imagine a wardrobe where everything fits”

‘Fitbay is a social shopping network that helps everybody find clothes that fit. Connect with your Body Doubles to see what they are wearing, discover new brands for your body type and create a wardrobe that’s right for you.’

Total funding: $2.4M Last funding: $2M Seed Q2 2014.


Safello (Sweden)

“Europe’s fastest Bitcoin reseller”

‘Safello is the fastest and easiest way to buy Bitcoins for first time Bitcoin buyers. Safello delivers a high speed transaction platform with Nasdaq level security. Its platform is tailored to deliver the most frictionless buying experience in the Bitcoin market to date.’

Total funding: $850K Last funding: $250K Q3 2014


Kuddle (Norway)

“Safe photo-sharing for kids and teens”

‘Kuddle is an innovative photo sharing social media app designed for kids of all ages. Kuddle aims to create a fun and safer digital environment where children can learn about and explore the ever expanding world of social media.’

Total funding: $2M Last funding: $1.2M Q4 2014


Series B

Vivino (Denmark)

“Never pick another bad wine”

‘Vivino is a tool for wine lovers, whether novice or pro, to track tasted wines and discover new ones with ease. The free app for iOS and Android allows users to take photos of wine labels and, using image recognition technology, matches them against a database of more than 3 million wines.’

Total funding: $11.3M Last funding: $10.3M Series A Q3 2013.


Falcon Social (Denmark)

“Social Media Management for Enterprise”

‘Falcon Social provides an SaaS platform that allows marketing departments to create, launch and measure social media campaigns in real time.’

Raised $7.7M Series A Q3 2013.


Tictail (Sweden)

“Start your free online store”

‘Tictail enables indie brands and retailers to start an online store to sell their products online.’

Total funding $10.6M Last funding: $8M Series A Q1 2014.


Bloglovin’ (Sweden)

“Follow your favorite blogs and discover new ones.”

Bloglovin’ is a better way to read, organize and discover your favorite blogs on mobile and desktop. Currently reaching over 20 million monthly unique visitors globally.

Total funding $8M Last funding: $7M Series A Q2 2014.


Nosto (Finland)

“The Plug-n-Play Recommendation Engine”

‘Nosto brings solutions for online marketing automation for the global e-commerce industry. The company’s platform-independent SaaS solution enhances customers’ online shopping experience by enabling personalized product recommendations in real time. Its plug and play solution makes the technology easily accessible to online stores of all size, automating marketing activities and increasing conversion, customer retention and store revenues as a result.’

Total funding $8.3M Last funding: $5.5M Series A Q3 2014.

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