International investor participation is at a 12 month high

Despite the slowdown in action over the summer, the percentage of total investments that include at least one investor from outside the Nordic region is currently at a 12 month high.

A few observations:

  • I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the last highest involvement was August 2016. It appears that the summer slowdown in funding announcements has as much to do with the local investors as it does the local startups.
  • This demonstrates just how much the local investors drive the ecosystem forward and how regional money is key to funding the majority of the Nordic’s startups (and also how this really impacts the summer slowdown)
  • 3 of the last 5 months have seen International involvement reach 20% and above, consistently the highest level it has been for some time. When you consider that overall the number of investments happening has increased over time, then more International investors than ever are funding Nordic startups.
  • However, due to the sheer number of local investors, 2017 is currently slightly below 2016’s 18.64% of funding rounds with a minimum of one International investor participating with 18.55%.
  • Finally, a note following on from Monday’s post regarding the slowdown, we have already seen 14 investments announced this week, so as of this morning August is standing at a far more respectable 34 funding announcements with one week to go.

Without the assistance of International investors, we may have seen an even more disastrous August for funding announcements. As it is, we are lucky that the Nordics is blessed with both local and International investors willing to back our startups, and with both the number of local and International investors at an all-time high we should be in a healthy position moving forward in regards to available capital.

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