Introducing The Nordic Nine 2015 (Part two)

On Friday, we announced five of the participants in this year’s The Nordic Nine, a ‘Julekalender’ from The Nordic Web, where from the 1st-24th December, we get nine experienced Nordic entrepreneurs to answer a new question every day, in order to inspire the next generation of Nordic entrepreneurs.

Today, we can reveal the four remaining participants who join Ida Tin, Jon Von Tetzchner, Aurore Belfrage, Carl Waldekranz and Hanna Aase in making up this years’ The Nordic Nine.

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Sean Percival (Partner at 500 Startups and former VP at MySpace)

Sean and 500 Startups have made their presence felt in the Nordics in the last 12 months or so, bringing their Silicon Valley best practices and perspective to the region. Sean’s insights are sharp, honest, and pretty funny too, I’m looking forward to Sean bringing his unique perspective and style to The Nordic Nine.

Louise Fritjofsson (CEO and Co-founder of Vint)

Louise has been on quite the journey recently with Vint, and I’m a huge admirer of her perspective and attitude to entrepreneurship. She’s also able to articulate herself very well with her writing on the topic, so I’m very pleased to have her participating.

Johan Brand (CEO and Co-founder of Kahoot!)

Johan is someone who sees things a little differently to the general accepted views on things. He’s not easily influenced, and stands strong behind his own beliefs and opinions. He’s not afraid to challenge the general opinion or the status quo, so I’m looking forward to him bringing his honest insights to The Nordic Nine.

Camilla Ley Valentin (CEO and Co-founder of Queue-IT)

Camilla is one of the most visible members of the Copenhagen startup community, and is someone who not only runs a successful startup in Queue-IT but also finds time to participate in efforts that help improve people’s engagement with entrepreneurship, which makes her perfectly placed to participate in The Nordic Nine.

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