A comparison of investment in the 4 most dominant verticals in the Nordics (Members article)

For the last two years, four verticals have particularly dominated in terms of capturing the majority of funding that has come into the region, comfortably standing above all other verticals when it comes to the number of investments taking place.

For the first time ever, we compared the investment into FinTech, Gaming, Enterprise SaaS and Health and Wellness from Q1 2014 to Q1 2016.

We analyse:

  • How the amount and number of investments into each vertical has fared in comparison to each other over the last couple of years
  • Which hubs are attracting the majority of investments in each of the verticals
  • The size of investments that are occurring in each vertical to get an idea of how mature each vertical/hub is.

By digging deeper into the four verticals that are backed more than any other, we believe we can get an even better insight into the capital and verticals that have provided the majority of the Nordics investment momentum over the last couple of years.

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