Investments, Exits and Top Stories for Nordic Startups in January

With the first month of the year already behind us, as usual, we’ve curated the investments, exits and top stories for the Nordics. Thanks to the feedback of our readers, from this month onward, we’ll be including sub-headings sorted by country for the investments and exits.




TrustPilot raises £5.5 million in funding from Draper Esprit

Timekit raised a seed round of $1.7 million

Flashbulb Games raised 13MSEK from Nordisk Film Games

Colibo raised a two-digit MDKK amount for their intranet tool

DrugStars raised 3.5MDKK from Seed Capital and Henrik Holman

Learningbank, an Edtech VR startup has taken in an undisclosed investment (approx 3MDKK)

Washa has raised a further 3MDKK 

AutoOffer raised a further 3MDKK

Camera app GroupCam raised 1.5MDKK

Reshopper has been invested in by Jesper Buch

Zenbu Social gets investment and recruits CRO from

India’s Wipro has partnered and invested in Tradeshift

Edtech startup CanopyLAB has landed a round of investment from Angels



Naava raises $3.2M to open a production facility in the USA and go global

Digital Workforce raises EUR2M

Biotech company Desentum raises a $2 million Series A

Flexound Systems raises 900,000EUR for their smart audio cushion

Fashion startup Zadaa gathers EUR 600K and heads abroad

Nuuka closes a financing round and selects Mikko Valtonen as the new CEO

Wirepas has taken in a couple of Swedish investors



Goodlifeme raises $1.5m round led by Frumtak Ventures



App creation platform Fuse raises $12 million

Smart Home startup Viva Labs raised 11MNOK from Denmark’s Solar Energy

Poio, an edtech startup teaching kids to read in 24 hours raised 1MNOK

Health startup Eyr (consultations via video) raised an undisclosed investment



iZettle raises further €60 million, appoints new CFO

Mathem raises SEK 160M in fresh money, adds Norwegian Ferd on investor list

Gothenburg-based e-commerce company raised 140MSEK

Digital health company Amra receives $9 million

E-commerce company Outnorth raises 40MSEK from Egmont

Delivery startup Budbee raises €3 million

Sqore raised a further 30MSEK

Kitchentime has raised 30MSEK

Headphone Company Earin raises 30MSEK

FinTech startup Kollektiva raised 28MSEK

Freelancer platform Cool Company takes in 25MSEK from Verdane Capital

Inbox Capital has invested 25MSEK in Truecaller

XMReality takes in 20MSEK ahead of their IPO

Artfinder takes in 19MSEK to focus on AI

EdTech startup Dugga raises 10MSEK from Service Ventures

3D printing company Wematter has raised near to 10MSEK

Brainlit raises 10MSEK from Angel investors

Scrive closed their funding round at 10MSEK

Detectify raises another 9.5MSEK

Security startup Foreseeti takes in 9MSEK

Smart Video has raised 6MSEK

CBOT raised 5.8MSEK for their industrial robots (3.2MSEK in equity)

FinTech startup Nordkap raised 5MSEK from Collector Ventures

Gothenburg’s Sportlala brings in 5MSEK

MonoCL has developed a platform for the life science industry, takes in 5MSEK

Shipwallet takes in 2.4MSEK in venture capital from Adlibris

Nanotech startup Hexagem raises 2MSEK from Almi Invest

Boositifed, an influencer platform has taken in 2MSEK

Geztio raises 1.5MSEK from Almi Invest and others

Fashion startup Neue Labs has raised 1MSEK

Hairdresser reservation service Wavy has raised an undisclosed amount




Freeway Group sees a change in ownership



Omniata was acquired by King

Forenom acquires Majoitusmestari Oy



Google snaps up Limes Audio

DJI acquires majority stake in Hasselblad, the iconic Swedish camera company

Movimento has been acquired by Delphi Automotive

Idevio has been acquired by Qlik Technologies

Zoomability has been acquired by New Equity Ventures

Verdane has bought a 50 percent stake in Desenio

Digital agency DL2 has been acquired by Tornado

Chinese Investment Fund An Xin Capital has acquired the Norrköping-based Norstel

In FinTech, Atronic bought competing Vasteras company Microdeb

Microsoft bought Donya Labs, a 10-year-old Swedish developer of automatic 3D-optimisation solutions

Health care company Caustic has a new owner

Palamon acquires leading international sock brand, Happy Socks

Jetshop was sold for 150MSEK

Alfvén & Didrikson are the new majority shareholder of Offerta

Furniturebox has new owners again


Top Stories

Siren Care won TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield

Norwegian Flowmotion passes the $1 million mark on Kickstarter

Jessica Stark is leaving her position as CEO of SUP46

VC’s adopt new models: Butterfly Venture closes €13M out of €24M fund

Facebook confirm their new data centre in Odense

Denmark appoints the world’s first “Digital Ambassador”

Goo Technologies look set to be sold

Christoffer Malling, the head of #CPHFTW stepped down, Michael Bak named as replacement

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