Investors in Nordic Startups in 2015 have been 50% ‘new’ and 50% ‘returning’.

Last week, we released our latest members article providing an update to who the most active investors in the Nordic Startup scene are.

Within the analysis we revealed that in Q1 of this year, 63 different investor organisations funded a Nordic startup.

One of the things I am most interested in tracking this year and comparing to 2014 is the amount of investors putting their money into the scene, to judge whether investors are becoming more interested in Nordic startups due to the previous success stories that are flowing out of the region and increasing every year. Attracting new investors should (in theory) help the scene flourish further, but, on the flip-side, just as important as this, is having a core set of investors that are focused on the area, and provide a consistent stream of capital for the regions startups year after year.

The good news is, that according to Q1 2015 it appears that we can have our cake and eat it, as the split between returning and new investors was nearly 50/50, with 31 of the 63 investors (49.2%) ‘returning’ investors and 32 of the 63 (50.8%) ‘new’ investors.

For clarification, we determine ‘returning’ investors as those who invested in a Nordic startup in 2014, and ‘new’ as those who didn’t invest in 2014 (they may have invested in years previous to this)

It remains to be seen whether the rest of 2015 follows this pattern, but it certainly looks like a promising start. My personal opinion is that the perfect split would be somewhere between 70% ‘returning’ (invested the previous year) and 30% ‘new’ (didn’t invest the previous year), and I am forecasting for us to be near this by the end of year.

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