Infographic: The location of VC firms investing in the Nordics in 2016


  • 113 different venture capital or private equity firms have invested in a Nordic startup so far in 2016.
  • VC or PE firms from 16 different countries have invested.
  • 56.64% are based in the Nordics, with Sweden accounting for 25.66% (29) of the 113.
  • The United States is the location with the second highest VC or PE firms investing in the Nordics, with 17.7% of the investors based there.
  • Despite interest from the East increasing in 2015, only three Asian firms have invested in the Nordics so far in 2016.
  • Outside of the Nordics, only two other locations have a sizeable number of VC or PE firms investing in the region: the United States and the United Kingdom.

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