March Madness Ensures Q1 Ends on a High

The doom-mongers have been out in force amongst the commentators in the Nordic startup scene this year, with ourselves also taking a less optimistic view of investments than we had done in previous years.

Yet, despite a slow-ish January and February, March has already matched the two prior months for the number of investments, with a full week of announcements left, meaning Q1 is on course to be the 2nd strongest quarter for investments ever, after Q4 of 2016.

Yes, the pace is slowing down, and yes, technically this will be a down quarter, but even still 180 (projected investments) would still be the second highest number of investments recorded in a quarter and represents a 15.38% increase on Q1 of last year and is hardly the sign of a stuttering investment landscape.

It’s also faring very well for total capital, with every chance of actually exceeding Q4 for capital invested, and an outside chance of even toppling Q3 should we see some big announcements this week. (*note: Q1 2016 is without Spotify’s $1 billion)

We’ll delve deeper into the specific numbers next week in our quarterly analysis, but for now we just wanted¬†to inform you that a little March madness has meant that you can expect the numbers to be significantly more positive than you may have expected.

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