International Investors in the Nordics: Who? Where? How Much? {Members Article}

With the Nordic tech scene continuing to attract the world’s attention, investor interest is naturally increasing too, meaning 2016 has seen the largest number of International investors putting money into the region in a calendar year despite it only being August.

With so many new players and faces, it can be hard to keep track of them all and ultimately to use this information to your advantage.

To help you with that, in our latest members analysis we:

  • Provide the names and information on all of the International Investors who’ve put money into the region in 2016.
  • Analyse where they are located to help predict future trends.
  • Analyse into which Nordic countries they are putting their money to help establish their existing connections/network.
  • Analyse at what stages International Investors are backing Nordic startups to help us understand the type of opportunities they are looking for.

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