Monday 11th January 07.00

500 Nordics reveal the companies joining the 1st batch of their pre-accelerator in Oslo

500 Nordics first accelerator programme in the region, a pre-accelerator in Oslo, kicks off a week today and this morning 500 have revealed who is joining them in that first batch. As you would expect, the majority of the teams are Norwegian, however there is one founder who is currently based in the US who has made the programme, as well as a Finnish team that could still be joining at the last minute. But for now, the line-up is as follows: (taken from press release)

ChocoTravlr – Creating “chocotourism” through a monthly membership of chocolate from a different country every month 

Easy Rental  – Skyscanner for apartment rentals in highly competitive markets

Graphiq Design Collective – Connecting companies with graphic designers on demand

IMERSO – 3D Scanning on mobile devices

Iris AI – The Google Maps of science

Meshcrafts – Powering the next generation of electric and autonomous transportation

Museai – Helping musicians share and collaborate on their work

Preplay – eCommerce for the modern interactive age

Routes – Create and share travel recommendations

Style Advice – Marketplace of fashion experts on demand – Task management for teams made easy

Thursday 7th January 2016 13.34

Icelandic Plain Vanilla, makers of popular game QuizUp reported to have raised $8-10 million

Icelandic paper is reporting that Plain Vanilla, makers of popular game QuizUp have raised funding in the form of a loan reported to be between $8-10 million. There are currently no details as to who is behind the financing and Plain Vanilla’s CEO is currently refusing to comment.


Tuesday January 5th 2016 7.45am

Norwegian Ardoq raises 11MNOK ($1.24 million) 

DN.NO have reported that Ardoq, who provide software to help map workplaces IT have raised 11MNOK ($1.24 million) in fresh capital from two experienced Norwegian angels, both whom have founded and sold companies in the past, Geir Førre with Energy Micro and Gunnar Evensen with Get. 

Our sources tell us that the exact amount for this latest round was in fact 10.65MNOK ($1.2 million) but either way, they’ve raised 4MNOK prior to this, meaning that they’ve now raised a total of approximately $1.7 million.

For more on what the company does, check out the original article on DN