Introducing The Nordic Nine 2015, a ‘Julekalander’ from The Nordic Web (Part one)

Last year, we ran a very popular ‘Julekalender‘ throughout December on The Nordic Web, where every day we got nine of the Nordics most experienced entrepreneurs to share their insights on a new question every day. The Nordic Nine proved very popular, and even ended up on Product Hunt, where we attracted an audience outside of the region too.

For an example of the type of questions we ask, check out 2014’s answers here

Last year, our line-up was sensational, and included internationally renowned Nordic entrepreneurs such as David Heinemeier Hansson and David Helgason. A hard act to follow? Certainly. But I am delighted to announce that we’ve managed to put together a line-up just as strong for 2015.

Today, we are announcing five of this years nine participants, with the remaining four to be revealed next week. So without ado, meet this year’s The Nordic Nine:

Ida Tin (Founder and CEO of Clue)

I met Ida a couple of years ago as we shared a taxi from Copenhagen to Malmo, and I was instantly struck by her determination and an aura that spoke of inevitable success . My gut appears to have been right so far, as 2015 has seen Ida and Clue reach new heights. From raising a $7 million Series A from Fred Wilson’s Union Square Ventures to winning the Europioneers Female Entrepreneur of the year, it’s been a good (and busy) year for Ida, so I’m delighted for her to be sharing her insights with us.

Jon von Tetzchner (Founder and Former CEO of Opera and now Vivaldi)

Jon is a true legend of the Nordic startup scene, and being the founder of Opera, one that has been around since the beginning. I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours in Jon’s company, and had one of the most interesting and candid conversations I’ve had this year, so I am looking forward to us getting his unique and honest insights in The Nordic Nine.

Aurore Belfrage (Co-founder of Wrapp and now at EQT)

I met Aurore for the first time at Pirate Summit this year, where she gave one of the best talks of the event with her talk on boardroom hacks. I was very impressed with her no-bullshit approach and incredibly valuable takeaways she gave the audience, so she was one of the first people I thought of for The Nordic Nine this year.

Carl Waldekranz (Co-founder and CEO of TicTail)

Carl is an incredibly intelligent entrepreneur, who is very knowledgable on the startup scene and entrepreneurship in general .He is also driven by making a real impact, in a way that positions values above everything else, so I am really looking forward to getting his honest perspective on the questions.

Hanna Aase (Founder and CEO of Wonderloop)

Hanna has been one of Norway’s most visible entrepreneurs for the last couple of years, and regularly speaks around the world at all sorts of impressive events and conferences, sharing her knowledge and experiences with entrepreneurship, and I am delighted she will be sharing these with us through The Nordic Nine.

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