Startup Comic: Silicon Valley vs. Denmark

This is a guest post by Zubair Quraishi

Zubair is a UX/Design and marketing hacker based in Denmark who has sold 2 startups and invested in over 30 startups over the last 20 years. He has worked in many startups and Fortune 500 companies based in USA, Europe, and Asia. His blog is at

Editor’s note: I’m not a fan of comparing European ecosystems to Silicon Valley, in fact, it’s one of my pet hates. However, I am a fan of original content, so I was intrigued to come across a comic strip from Zubair Quraishi that portrayed a comparison between Denmark’s tech scene and Silicon Valley. Although I don’t necessarily share the same views that the comic strip contains, it covers some clear advantages and disadvantages that the Danish startup scene possesses and presents them in a fun and interesting way, so, enjoy!

You can download this comic strip, and the first issue in this series, where Zubair covers more about himself on Amazon or via PDF.

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