The 2015 Nordic Funding Analysis

Over the course of 2015 we tracked 339 investments totalling $1.82 billion

At the end of 2014’s funding analysis I commented that 2015 should see Nordic startups passing a total of $1 billion in a calendar year for the first time. I often think that I’m too far-out in my predictions, but this was a prediction where I was wrong at the other end of the scale, as not only did Nordic startups pass $1 billion in funding comfortably in 2015, they’d already done so in June. (Thanks Spotify!) And naturally, the Swedish music giant’s $526 million round had a huge impact on 2015’s numbers, one that can almost not be overplayed. Nonetheless, there were plenty of other big rounds in 2015, and actually, even more impressive than the total amount raised, was the pure number of investments that the year brought, an incredible 339.