The Nordic Web Podcast #19- An Interview with Ricardo Parro

Following the positive reaction to Karsten’s interview with Morten Primdahl, the CTO of Zendesk and the interest in my article on why ‘Startup Denmark’ needs to compete for talent, not just accept it’ we decided to combine format and content on this podcast, and interview Ricardo Parro, someone who came to Denmark from Brazil earlier this year to join as their CTO, having previously been part of the Sao Paulo and London startup communities.

As a newcomer to the Nordic startup scene and an experienced entrepreneur who had played an active role in other startup communities we thought it would be interesting to hear Ricardo’s first impression of Denmark and the Nordics.

The topics we covered included:

  • Ricardo’s initial impressions of the Danish and Nordic startup scene.
  • Whether Ricardo was aware of any Nordic startups before he came to Denmark.
  • The paperwork and regulations etc to be able to join a Danish startup.
  • Ricardo’s thoughts on the #CPHFTW community.
  • The main differences between Copenhagen and the other startup ecosystems he’s been a part of.
  • The most interesting and surprising aspects of working in a Nordic startup.

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