The State of European (and Nordic) Tech in 2016

Once again, our partners at Atomico and our friends at Slush are undertaking their report on “The State of European Tech” ahead of the Nordics’ biggest tech gathering in November/December.

Last year’s report was incredibly insightful, and nearly one year on it still sits on my desk and is regularly referred to, proving its use and value.

For 2016, the survey is looking to go even deeper, and for the first time we will also be presenting the Nordic specific results here on The Nordic Web, to ensure that we can also directly study and benefit from the results specific to our region.

However, to do this, we need as many responses as possible from the Nordics, so please do take the time to fill out the survey embedded below, not only will you be contributing to one of the biggest and most interesting surveys ever done on the European tech scene, you will also allow us to provide real relevance to the results from a Nordic perspective as well.

On behalf of Atomico, Slush and The Nordic Web, thank you for taking the time.

Neil S W Murray founded The Nordic Web in 2014 in order to provide the Nordics with the quality coverage it deserves. As well as being Founding Editor of The Nordic Web, Neil is also an active community builder in the region, participating in a number of initiatives, and has previously worked for